Sweet Jams Video Collection

Relive the 2009-2010 Sweet Jams era of the Variety Picnic!


The fifth & final music video from the Sweet Jams era. Click here to go behind the scenes!

Great Sensations (Live at Natura)

The first & only live performance of Great Sensations. 

Your Chest (Kevin Morse version)

An intimate performance of Your Chest by the one & only Kevin Morse. (Click here to watch him perform it live!)

Great Sensations

A trippy music video that will leave you feeling great sensations. Click here to go behind the scenes!

Feel That (Boogie In Your Jeans)

A trip to the lady club leads to some caboose smacking. 

A Day At The Links

A short film following Earl Babbich's day on the golf course. 

Ken Feels That Boogie

Kevin Morse meets his match. 

Your Chest

A man discovers his love for a woman's chest.  

Ode To Morse

A tribute to the man they call Kevin Morse. 

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Earl Babbich
Sweet Jams Release Party
Great Sensations
A Day At The Links
"Ode To Morse"
Babymaker Teaser
Photo Shoot
On A Date
In the studio
Ken Squared